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Revealing The Secrets of the Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Plateau, an ancient volcanic landscape, is home to an abundance of waterfalls, coffee plantations, villages, and deep layers of forest. The plateau, in Southern Laos, is also home to Tad Tayicseua, one of the most beautiful falls in the area, which feels like one of the few places on earth that has yet to be exposed to the modern world.

The path from Pakse to Paksong is home to the gorgeous Tad Etu, Champi, Fane, and Yeuang falls. Tad Etu (KM35) is home to the Falls View Resort and a powerful waterfall that will keep you on your toes. Tad Champi, just three km past Tad Etu, provides a serene picnic spot right by the calming falls. Take a dip in the calm waters or enjoy their raft. Across Tad Champi is a road that will lead you to the Tad Fane Resort and its huge twin waterfalls dropping dramatically into a massive gorge.  Two km down the road, you will come across Tad Yeuang where you will be spoiled by the picnicking areas, and a beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation.

Clambering through the pristine forests, I was amazed by the natural diversity. Exotic trees, fruits, leaves, and chirping birds. With the waterfalls hidden deep in the dense undergrowth, my party and I trekked on in anticipation. As we got closer, the first thing that hit us was the terrific noise of the rushing water. Eventually the canopy would give way to sunrays as the imposing falls revealed themselves, leaving us captivated. An incredible sheer wall of water.

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