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Thinking about a holiday in Laos? Here you will find a collection of our favourite Lao travel articles, videos and stories to give you an insight into what a holiday in Laos can offer.

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LaoSafe Programme Launched

Laos has just launched the new LaoSafe Programme - a health and hygiene programme for the tourism sector designed to support the upcoming re-opening of international borders and a return of international visitors to the Land of a Million Elephants.

The Academy Training Hotel and Restaurant Opens for Business

While guests experience The Academy as a unique hotel and restaurant offering delicious food with enthusiastic staff, it's much more than that - this really is all about education. By staying and dining here, it allows students to acquire skills and knowledge more directly linked to their future.

The Culture of Lao Food

There is no better way to understand Lao culture than through the medium of Lao food. Join us on this culinary exploration of Lao food and insight into Lao culture. Better still, follow this up by visiting an enjoying a traditional Lao meal.

Another 24 Hours in Vientiane

24 Hours in Vientiane is simply not enough, so check out our recommendations for your second day in Vientiane, with plenty to see, do and eat! Get ideas often overlooked by visitors and residents alike!

Top Ten Instagrammable Spots in Laos

Laos is a spectacularly beautiful place for a holiday, and has some amazing places to capture those perfect instgrammable moments. Here's 10 of our favourite instagram spots around Laos. Where ese would you add to the is list?

24 Hours in Luang Prabang

Where to start in Luang Prabang? Get a great insight into how to spend 24 hours in Luang Prabang, Laos. From temples to cocktails, beautiful botanical gardens and the finest in traditional art and crafts, this will give you an insight into a region of Laos with so much to offer.

Our Favourite Videos

Learning about Kaipen – Luang Prabang River Weed

Far more delicious than it actually sounds, one of the traditional dishes of Luang Prabang is Kaipen.  A type of riverweed, Kaipen is collected directly from the Mekong River, sundried and seasoned using age-old techniques passed down through family generations.

The Cave of Teeth

Hidden in the mountains of northern Laos, the Cave of Teeth (or Tham Khieo as its known locally), is shrouded in mystery and rarely visited. Possibly a cave used by the Pathet Lao during the Indochina War, rumours include that it may have been used to house American POWs. Containing old display cases included both

All You Need to Know About Northern Laos

Follow Leticia as she travels from Singapore to explore Northern Laos and her suggested for the ideal 8-day itinerary, visiting Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi and Luang Prabang. Join her as she travels by bus and boat to explore some of the highlights of northern Laos, including trekking up Phadeng Peak.

Luang Prabang – Top Place to Visit!

Luang Prabang was recently named in of the Top 7 places to visit in Asia, and in the Top 52 globally to visit in 2020 by Fodor's.  Every year in the Fodor’s Go List—and this is their ninth year of doing this—Fodors' look forward to what’s next to come.

The Story of Wat Sisaket in Vientiane

Folklore, religion and history combine in the stories behind many of Vientiane’s temples. The oldest and one of the most fascinating is Wat Sisaket. Learn more about this fascinating temple which is a must-see on any visit to Vientiane

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