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The Thakhek Loop – Khammouane

The Thakhek Loop, also known as the Kong Lor Loop, is a spectacular 3-4 day trip around the karst limestone peaks of Khammouane Province in central Laos.  Extremely popular with bikers and moped-riders, one of the many sites includes quite possibly the most spectacular cave in Asia, Kong Lor Cave, from which the loop gets its nickname.

The latest addition to the Loop is the Rock Viewpoint at Phou Pha Marn which offers fantastic views, zip lines and a spider-bridge among other activities.  Check this out!

The Thakek Loop is a 450km journey with over 30 scenic sites to visit along the way.  Motorcycle through limestone karst landscapes, take a side-trip to follow an underground river through the 8km long Konglor Cave,  take a ride on the bomb-boats and meet a variety of great people along the way.  For more information check out The Loop’s own website at https://laosloop.info/


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