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Explore Northern Laos with NK SEEDS

Nong Khiaw

A Unique Opportunity to Explore Northern Laos

NK SEEDS are looking for 6 people who are willing to experience this third tour and support the local communities! You will spend 7 days exploring remote and beautiful areas while immersing yourself in Lao culture.  Starting and finishing in Luang Prabang, this trip will take you to Nong Khiaw and the surrounding villages.

The proceeds from the tour will be used to fund mattresses, pillows, blankets and mosquito nets for over 100 students living in the dormitory of Sob Khing Secondary School.  Anything left over will be used to purchase school supplies for up to 30 children at the primary school of the nearby Sop Khong village.

Nong Khiaw


NK SEEDS is a not-for-profit organisation created by Mélissa, who fell in love with Laos when she first came here in 2018. In collaboration with Lao partners, she has created a unique experience to show you the richness of this beautiful country and for you to live it from the inside. As Melissa explains “Our tour is more than just observing; by coming on one of NK SEEDS tours, you will be immersed in our team’s daily work. You’ll get to see the backstage of our projects such as English education, plastic recycling and community support.”

Since 2019, NK SEEDS has been giving free English lessons to over 150 students and organizing actions to donate school supplies, clothing, food and comfort equipment for over a thousand Laotian students and families every year.  Since 2022, NK SEEDS has focused on vital environmental issues and challenges such as water irrigation in remote villages and plastic recycling. But also, school renovation, child and student sponsorship and free access to healthcare

Nong Khiaw

Dates and Itinerary

This unique tour of northern Laos starts from Luang Prabang no more than once a month – check out the upcoming departure dates.  The full itinerary can be downloaded here.

Booking and More Information

For details on booking, prices and logistical arrangements please contact Melissa directly on contact@nkseeds.org or WhatsApp +33610431123

Nong Khiaw



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