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Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoi & the Misty Mountains of Laos

Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi

Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi are some of the highlights after heading northwards from Luang Prabang, with the misty mountains towering over these small towns in northern Laos as captured in this video from Tourism Luang Prabang. From Nong Khiaw a boat up the river to Muang Ngoi offers an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful nature of northern Laos.

Nong Khaiw offers a good selection of activities for a small town, but is best to use this as a base to explore the surrounding landscapes.  Trekking tours are popular and visit to one of the nearby viewpoints is a must! In fact it makes our list of the most photogenic places in Laos!

Phadaeng Peak in Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang Province, Laos

One of the most popular places to stay in Nong Khiaw is the Nong Kiau Riverside Rooms and Restaurant which also offers mountain bikes for hire and access to activities including trekking, kayaking and rock-climbing.  



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