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The Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars in Laos, which is giving archaeologists clues to an ancient civilization, has recently joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage protected sites.

Across the mountains and plains of northern Laos sit thousands of stone jars, the only relics of an ancient civilization possibly 2500 years old. The jars, weighing up to 20 tonnes each, appear to be part of a complex burial ritual, and were transported from quarries up to 10km away.

No other evidence of this society exists beyond these mortuary sites; adding to the intrigue are a group of remarkably similar jar sites some 1,200km away in Northeast India.

Read more about this from the University of Melbourne or alternatively come and visit!  The town of Phonsavan is the main town of Xieng Khouang Province and provides plenty of small guesthouses, hotels and restaurants to keep you fed and watered while exploring the sites.   The Plain of Jars Museum also provides a source of additional information and the video below curates a collection of extracts from some of their informative videos on the Plain of Jars:


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